Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank 1800 SE

The NH-1800 SE offers exceptional value with the power of a Microsoft® Windows® CE platform. Featuring a new topper design, it is also an attractive addition to any retail setting.

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Triton RL1600

Entry-level just got a lot more high-end. Packed with tons of features in a compact, walk-up design, the RL1600 comes with many extras — a color display, TCP/IP communication capabilities and a robust Windows operating system for faster transactions and ATM processing— normally reserved for machines twice its price.
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New ADA Standards for ATM’s

The U.S. Department of Justice recently issued revised ADA regulations, including changes to its 2010 Standards for Accessible Design that effect ATMs. Details on how the regulations affect ATMs can be found in section 707, Automatic Teller Machines and Fare Machines.
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Your own personal money tree is here. If you have approximately 2 square feet of space not being occupied, and NOT making you money in your place of business, we can help.

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With an ATM Machine! Why an ATM? Think about this, Here is a machine that sells 20 dollar bills for a fee? What a concept. Every time someone asks for a 20 dollar bill from your new ATM Machine you make money. This machine will be the best Employee you’ve ever had. It does not show up late for work! It does not require health insurance, 401k, Vacation time, Sick time, or Workman Compensation insurance. Yet it makes more money for you than most of your employees and with very little failure. Sounds Good?

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